Colorado ATV near Lake City Co

Hike, bike, fish, camp & ATV.
How do you loop?

Colorado ATV near Lake City Co

Hike, bike, fish, camp & ATV.
How do you loop?


Frequently Asked Questions

Can my kids come along?

Absolutely! Helmets are not required for adults but we will have a few available. Passengers under 18 must wear a helmet and we will provide minors with approved helmets at no additional cost. If your child uses a car seat or booster seat in your vehicle, we recommend you secure it into our vehicle. There are seat belts for every passenger. Due to Colorado law, all minors in the vehicle must wear a helmet.

What should I bring?

Bring a fun and relaxed attitude because you are about to see things that will create lifetime memories! All participants, per Colorado law, are required to wear eyewear - which can be regular sunglasses - special goggles are not required. And don’t forget sunscreen, hydration, and appropriate layers depending upon expected temperatures. You can give us a call the day before and we will help make sure you are good to go. We also offer sunscreen, water, goggles and sunglasses in the store for purchase if you forget anything! And remember, this is the Rockies and weather can creep up quickly so come prepared for rain and cold, just in case. Proper covered shoes are a must and no flip-flops!

Can I rent for just a few hours?

Yes you can! If you only have a few hours we have an inexpensive but memorable unguided tour we can put you on where you will see a very large mining operation (complete with dam), a waterfall and an old mining "town".

Can I rent overnight?

Yes you can. We offer 2-hour, 4-hour, full-day and overnight rentals. Simply click on the "Book Now" button below and reserve your fun and adventure now!

Where are the trails?

The trails start right here in Lake City. Our store is literally a block from the entrance and you will be on your way. Park your vehicle at the store and drive our vehicle off to the trail from the parking lot and return back when you are done. It really is that easy!

Who can drive?

All people who might drive the vehicle must present a valid drivers license and be at least 25 years of age.

What if I have never driven an ATV?

No problem. The trails are beginner "off-road" trails and our vehicles drive much like a car. We will show you how to operate the vehicles safely and tell you a few (dangerous) trails to stay away from. We give you a map, trail guide and GPS unit to make sure you know exactly where to go and stay on track. It is simple, really. And a ton of fun!

Can I rent a "Side-by-Side"?

Yes - all our vehicles for rent are "Side-by-Side" vehicles that seat up to 4 people. Although our marketing tagline says "ATV Adventures" we do not offer traditional Quad ATVs for rent. We simply use the ATV term generically so we do not have to use the terms UTV or OHV (yes, off-road motorsports have gotten complicated from a naming perspective)

Do I need a helmet?

No, helmets are not required for drivers or passengers over 18. Our vehicles have 3-point seat belts and roll cages. If you would like to wear a helmet, we offer DOT approved helmets for adults and older children at no charge. Riders under 18 MUST wear a helmet (also provided at no charge).

Is there per person pricing?

No, we price per 5-seat vehicle. It is the same price for 1 person or 5! Bring your friends and family, pack a cooler, and have a picnic and adventure you will never forget!

Should I book online?

Absolutely. Reserving a vehicle online is the best way insure your vehicle will be available when you want it!